Professional projects

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The following are examples of external-facing collateral that I produced through my applications and bioinformatics scientist roles. My data science tools include bash scripts, Python, and R to develop pipelines, wrangle data, and create analysis visualizations. I authored papers, presentations, and posters for these and other projects.

Single-Cell Stranded Total RNA Sequencing

We adapted a method to be used in our instruments to obtain poly(A) and non-poly(A) RNA at the single-cell level. This provides our customers with a more comprehensive understanding of cellular profiles.

presentation, poster

Processing flow-sorted cells for C1 mRNA-seq applications

Cryopreservation and flow sorting have become necessary steps upstream of single-cell processing. We evaluated the effect of serum on the recovery of cryopreserved cells prior to processing on the C1 to facilitate customer success.

technical note

Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep

Cystic fibrosis profiling is a laboratory test common for new parents in some demographics. We developed a library prepraration assay that increases the scale of samples that can be tested.

presentation, white paper

Juno mRNA-Seq Library Prep

Bulk RNA-seq is one of the most popular sequencing methods in academic and commercial labs. We developed an assay that increases the scale of samples that can be prepared.


Disclosure: I am a shareholder of Fluidigm Corporation. I am including these examples of data science projects I have done in industry.